A Necessary Step

So you have finally gone for that equity release scheme which has enabled you to buy a second home in France and you have even found the property of your dreams. The buying process is slightly different in France in many aspects, but one interesting point is that many buyers complete the process without a proper structural survey taking place.

A survey is optional and as it is fairly expensive, adding to the overall cost of buying a new property, many people choose to skip it altogether. The important thing to consider is that skipping the survey is something that may be very detrimental to the buying process.

equity release scheme

It happens often enough in the UK that the survey throws up some unexpected problem which makes you think twice about buying or means that you have to go for a reduction in price. with this in mind, buying property ‘blind’ in France seems somewhat foolhardy.

If you cannot speak French there are registered chartered surveyors who are English or who speak very good English available to you. This means that you will really know what you are taking on with the property and should not have any nasty surprises further down the line.

When you compare the cost of a property survey on the new home you are considering buying, it actually works out to be a small fraction of the purchase price. And by ensuring that the property is legal and sound in terms of structure, you could save thousands in unexpected bills.