Reclaim mis sold PPI today

From more than a decade ago up to this day, millions of people have been ripped off their hard earned money and are victims of mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance. If we follow the news of it from when the mis-selling started, we’d be astonished at how clever the schemes were designed to deceive credit consumers and force them to buy the policy irrespective of their need for it.

To date, PPI claims have not been reduced and still seem to be increasing as a bigger number of people have discovered that they were also victims of the scandal. They have hired solicitors and other PPI claims experts to help them through their claims while others were bold enough to gather as much information as they can to resolve things on their own.

You, too, can make things better for yourself and get back from being ripped off your money by reclaiming a mis-sold PPI at the earliest you can. These investigations take roughly 6 or 8 weeks to be resolved so the earlier you begin on it means a bigger chance of getting your compensation sooner. Why would you prolong the resolution of something you have been a victim of for a while now?

To begin with, you need to establish how much you have roughly paid to PPI and for how long. Your statements and other related documents will help you make that fact solid. The paperwork will have reference to the amount paid to PPI (whether as recurring premium charges on your credit card or a lump sum premium amount on a loan or mortgage) and the duration of it on your account.

You need not worry about possibly having lost the documents though. Your bank should be able to retrieve the information for you. Financial institutions and the credit bureau offices are mandated by the UK financial laws to keep your records on file for as long as six years. If your account happens to be older than that your safekeeping of the documents matters. Continue reading “Reclaim mis sold PPI today”